Saturday, October 16, 2010

Direct anger at Wall Street, upper class

With unemployment at about 10 percent nationally, 15 percent here in Deschutes County, with foreclosures continuing at record levels despite the banks' inability to even read the paperwork and with the recovery looking more like recession 2.0, Wall Street firms will bestow a record $144 billion in bonuses on their employees.

Where is this money coming from?

This is one of the great conundrums of our time.

With teabaggers railing against government at all levels and with corporate media slamming government workers for their health and retirement benefits, the people most responsible for our economic collapse are laughing all the way to the bank, most likely a bank in Switzerland.

During these brutal economic times, corporate media focuses on the lower elements of our economy. We hear plenty of stories about how awful public education is in America and that this is due solely to the fact that most teachers belong to unions.


Instead of focusing attention on the rats on Wall Street, the corporate media picks on the 12 percent of Americans who belong to unions.

What about the other 88 percent of Americans who do not belong to unions?

Corporate media also tries to point out that the Supreme Court's ruling on election donations results in equal donations between unions and corporations.

That is false.

Currently, corporations are outspending unions 7 to 1.

What the media does so successfully is not point out these inequities, but to distort reality.

The media gets the middle class to fight with others in the middle class and also with those in the lower classes.

Meanwhile, the upper class is rewarding itself with $144 billion of money stolen form the middle and lower classes.

The upper class turns around and donates money to causes to further crush the middle and lower classes.

If teabaggers had any brains, they would be targeting Wall Streeters and their obscene bonuses rather than the government or unions.

But, the middle and lower classes are middle and lower classes precisely because they can't see that the upper class gets them to fight among themselves for the scraps they leave behind.

What the middle and lower classes should be doing, take note teabaggers, is divert their anger towards Wall Street and the upper class.

If they did, they wouldn't care if terrorists attacked lower Manhattan again.

In fact, they would be grateful.

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  1. It's good to see that some people realize that the corporate media is stirring up the teabagger scam to divert peoples' anger from Wall St.