Monday, July 18, 2011

Drip-drop, Murdoch

Or is it tick-tock Murdoch?

Either way, the steady patter of negative news raining down on the Murdoch media empire across the pond, will surely end up where it should, with Rupert himself.

And it should end up in America where Fox News is the most irresponsible media outlet in the land.

Freedom of the press comes with great responsibilities: to be truthful and informative, not deceitful and inflammatory. 

Murdoch's operations in Britain have reveled in irresponsible reporting because it sells in a country with apparently few journalistic scruples.

Let's take a look at Fox News, America's tabloid news station. There are websites devoted to tracking the lies that Fox News tells on a daily basis. One is called Fox News Lies and it was started by a formerly devoted Fox News viewer. Here's another.

Media Matters For America is also one of the leading watchdogs hounding Fox News.

When Fox News said that Jon Stewart lied on their station when he was interviewed by Chris Wallace, Stewart ran a segment listing just a few of the lies Fox News promotes. Here's a link.

Amazingly, it is not against the law for an American news outlet to lie about what is happening in the world. There are exceptions, but it's a gray area in the law.

And that's where Fox News operates, in that gray, shadowy underworld of distortions and fabrications.

Fox News could not set up shop in Canada because the conservative prime minister failed to force the Canadian regulators to repeal a law up there that forbids lying on broadcast news. Here's a link.

Gee, they sure hate freedom of the press in Canada if you can't even broadcast "false or misleading news."

Not that you would hear about any of this or the British scandal on Fox News.

As Stephen Colbert noted about Fox News, "We don't touch it, you decide."

And decide we will. 

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  1. Clearly, a "free press" was never conceived to be a license for a major media outlet to scream "FIRE!!!" 24 hours a day. I am not in favor of silencing FOX "News," but I am in favor of their frequently having to post warnings that what you are seeing and hearing is opinion and not fact.