Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kudos to Mayor Clinton

Mayor Jim Clinton
Although I thought having a woman as mayor would send the right message about Bend, I am very pleased that Jim Clinton was unanimously elected Bend's mayor by his fellow councilors. (Bend has yet to get the memo on voters electing their own mayor).

Clinton, a native Oregonian from Lakeview and a retired physicist, represents what Bend is all about: progressive and smart.

That's not to say his fellow councilors are regressive and stupid, although some are, but Clinton stands above the rest.

And, it's also good news that Jodie Barram, another progressive, was named mayor pro tem.

There will be push-back from the development community, but they know they have our naive city manager in their back pockets.

Still, Clinton and Barram make a fine dynamic duo to steer our city toward a more balanced approach in solving our infrastructure problems.

Good luck.

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