Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Best, worst careers

Newspaper reporter: No. 200 out of 200
No surprise to those in the business, but being a newspaper reporter is now considered the worst career in America.

Compiled by CareerCast.com, the 200 occupations are ranked on five criteria: physical demands, work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook.

In at least four of the five criteria, being a newspaper reporter had to be ranked at, or near, the bottom. It's obvious that the hiring outlook is bleak.

As one commenter noted on the site, it must have been awkward for the reporter to write the story.

The list is predictable in many ways and should be taken with a healthy dose of reporter's skepticism since the No. 1 profession is, drum roll please, actuary.

Not that many people know what an actuary does, but it's considered well-paying and stress-free.

Others at the top include bio-medical engineer (2), software engineer (3) and dental hygienist (6). As for the dentist, that career ranks 42nd.

And, social worker, long considered high-stress, low-income work, comes in at a surprising 49th. But, there is definitely a need for them, just ask reporters.

Last year, the lumberjack (known as logger around here) was considered the worst job and it rose all the way to 199 this year.

Other low-ranking careers include enlisted military personnel (198), actor (197) and mail carrier (193). No surprise on the last one since the mail delivery is going the way of the stagecoach.

The janitor, meanwhile, comes in at a respectable 153 on the list and the garbage collector ranks 160th.

As for newspaper reporters, though, it's clear from this ranking that they have a legitimate reason for being cynical about all the jobs ranked higher them. That's what happens when you come in last place.

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