Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Walmart problem

Walmart's compassionate side
Ray's Food Place in Bend and Redmond will go out of business soon as its parent companies closes a quarter of its markets.

In total, about 500 will lose their jobs.

And, in no surprise, competition from Walmart gets the blame from Ray's owners.

Walmart has a superstore on Redmond's north end, which appeals to shoppers from the Hub city along with Madras and Prineville.

On Bend's south end, Walmart supersized its store there this year and will soon put Albertsons, directly across the street, out of business in a few months, resulting in more job losses.

Albertsons has been so desperate to attract shoppers to its southside Bend store that it's been running $10-off coupons in the local daily.

I shopped at Albertsons on a recent Sunday when the coupon was in the paper. Sadly, there were only a handful of shoppers in the store on what otherwise would be a busy shopping day.

It's no surprise that Ray's went out of business in Bend because it was right across the street from a giant Safeway store.

Still, the Walmart factor looms large over all retail in Central Oregon.

 Consumer Reports' surveys show that of all the major supermarket chains, Walmart has the worst produce and service.

Its known that Walmart treats its workers, called "associates," so poorly that it allows its own stores to put up food bins to collect food for Walmart employees for the holidays.

Since Walmart will be open on Thanksgiving day, their workers won't be able to enjoy the holiday anyway.

Walmart: a job-killing corporation with a happy face.


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