Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hey Apple, don't click on this Icahn

Carl Icahn, the famously disruptive investor, has his sights set on Apple.

Or, more precisely, Icahn eyes all that money Apple is sitting on, which is estimated at 10 percent of all corporate cash in America.

According to a cover story last month in Time magazine, American corporations are sitting on one trillion cash in the states and another trillion off shore.

They have no incentive to hire more workers in this economy because of weak demand. Nor, do they need to pay workers more money so that they could buy more things to fuel our economy, which is based almost entirely on consumer spending.

Enter Icahn and other investors like him.

If Apple isn't going to spend the money, they'll gladly take the dough off its hands.

Icahn, dubbed "The Original Wolf of Wall Street" by Time, has increased his pressure on Apple
by owning $3 billion in stock.

The funny thing is that corporations spend millions, if not billions, in avoiding paying any taxes at all to the country that enforces laws and keeps the peace so that they can make all their billions.

But, that money is still vulnerable to vultures like Icahn.

"What bothers me a hell of a lot..., is cash of a $US150 billion just sitting there doing nothing. And not to use it to do a huge buyback, is sort of disgraceful," Icahn said on CNBC.

What bothers most American workers, considering American corporations are sitting on so much cash, is why these companies aren't investing in America.

Could it be that they don't give a damn about this country or its workers?

The answer is obvious.

The irony is that communism or Islamic terrorism are not the real threats to capitalism.

Capitalism is quite capable of destroying itself, thank you very much.

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