Friday, April 25, 2014

OSU-Pumice PIt ogles adjacent dump site

As if an unstable pumice pit isn't bad enough for a new four-year university in Bend, OSU-Cascades officials now salivate at the chance to build on an adjacent, closed dump site.

Yes, higher education is so esteemed in Bend that the only land it can offer up just happens to be some of the worst in the region.

The 72-acre landfill, which contains industrial and construction waste, is still believed to be on fire well below the surface.

About 20 years ago, the park district was sued when a boy fell in a fiery sinkhole at the site.

But, let's forget about all that.

Let's just build a new university and if there are any problems with sinking buildings, cars or people, we can always deal with that later.

It's not as if students spend all year at the school. They are there for just nine months.

Yes, there may be future lawsuits, but they'll get so tangled up in the court system, it'll take years to sort out. Besides, the state, county and city have deep pockets, as we all know.

 Let's not delve into this issue too much. Afterall, OSU officials want to open up the campus next year.

Time is wasting. If we don't build it now on a pumice pit/dump site, we'll never have a chance again for a four-year university in Bend.

We've waited decades. We can't wait a second longer.

Because if we wait, another more unsuitable site will just distract us. Yes, that's right, Knott Landfill on 27th Street could be more enticing when it closes in 20 years.

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  1. Go to to see how concerned citizens (read taxpayers) have been raising money to hire a lawyer to fight this fiasco. Lots of info there as to the landfill and who owns the ten acres already purchased by the city and how the owners, a group of Bend physicians, made two million bucks on the deal.