Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Compared to Obama, Bush was a slacker

Clearly, Obama is more presidential
Of course, comparing anyone to W. does that person a disservice.

But, at the same point of both presidencies, Bush has crushed President Obama when it comes to days off and overall number of trips.

It seems that the Obama-haters are a bit indignant that he takes "so many vacations," particularly during what they deem "crises."

Yes, Iraq and Afghanistan haven't gone away, with Muslims killing Muslims and some Christians, too.

There's an ebola outbreak in West Africa that affected a couple of Americans.

There's trouble in the Ukraine, which so distresses most Fox News viewers that they cannot locate the country on a map.

And, Israelis and Palestinians, surprise, surprise, are at it again.

With trouble like that in the world, trouble that won't go away for decades, if ever, getting out of town for a few days seems like the right thing to do.

In the Yahoo story linked above, don't forget to read some of the thousands of comments after it. They reveal that the collective voice of America is a bit cranky.

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