Tuesday, March 24, 2015

GOP's un-winnable field of candidates

The GOP 'Twilight Zone'
The dog and pony show of presidential politics began with the looniest of the Republican field tweeting his candidacy.

Sen. Ted "Teabagger" Cruz then went to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University to show off his uber-Christian street cred.

First off, Liberty University represents neither liberty nor higher education.

And, Cruz, who was born in Canada, is neither credible nor electable as a nationwide candidate. Yes, he won a statewide race in Texas, but that isn't saying much. Rick "Oops" Perry won twice in Texas and he, too, has absolutely no chance of winning the presidency.

Even the number-crunchers at Five-Thirty-Eight dismissed the Cruz candidacy by calling him "too extreme and too disliked to win."

And, they were being kind.

He's also a bigot, a sexist and anti-government. In essence, he's a jerk.

The Onion has a few takes on Cruz.

Gov. Jerry Brown wasted no time in calling Cruz "absolutely unfit" for the presidency because he denies climate change.

For all the whining by "birther" Republicans over President Obama's birthplace (they don't know Hawaii is a state), they have no problem with Cruz's birth in Canada, which is a foreign country. Typical GOP hypocrites.

Speaking of hypocrisy, Cruz hates "Obamacare" so much that he is now signing up for it.

Cruz may be the first wacky Republican presidential candidate out of the gate, but he won't be the last.

The potential field is so bad, that Jeb Bush is the only "moderate" in the field. But, his last name is so toxic, he faces a steep uphill battle even to win the GOP primaries.

Apparently, JeBush can't even win over the conservative standard-bearers of "hate radio."

I'ts going to be a long election. Billions will be spent trying to sell us a candidate by taking down another. What a colossal waste of money on such pitiful people.

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