Sunday, August 9, 2015

Anger Amplifier in Chief and his no-Trump bid for the presidency

As Donald Trump taps into the angst curdling among Republicans, he also has plenty of energy left over to trash the tenets of Dale Carnegie or what ever is left of decency.

For that, he's been rewarded with front-runner status by a large margin among the ridiculously large Republican field trying desperately to win back the presidency.

And that's after his deplorable comments about Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly, who would otherwise only be known to the Fox crowd.

Whereas President Obama has Luther, his Anger Translator on Key and Peele, Trump is the Anger Amplifier for the Republican base, which hates Mexicans, women (the Kelly comments), losers (John McCain lost to Obama) and anyone who currently works in Washington, especially Lindsey Graham.

Graham was the only Republican candidate to criticize Trump's statements on Mexicans. The rest waited until the "McCain-is-no-hero" comment before piling on.

Trump, who has stayed at the front of the GOP polls, is not just a gift to Democrats, but to Americans everywhere. He articulates what the craziest among us believe deep down in their hearts.

He exposes American enmity towards anyone who is not a white male or Christian.

While Trump opposes gay marriage, he personally mocks traditional marriage by marrying three times.

Trump is the ultimate Republican. He claims he's much richer than he actually is. He has exploited the bankruptcy court four times. He's supremely egotistical and has a comb-over hairstyle that no one envies.

Trump is the emperor with no clothes, but doesn't know it. His supporters, which include those who back his dissing of McCain's war record, can't see that Trump is actually naked and afraid.

By claiming that McCain is not a war hero, Trump demonstrated he is not only an idiot, but also lacks any sensibility to be a doorman at his own hotel, let alone be president of the United States.

His comments on Kelly shows that the GOP war on women is alive and well.

Yet, he's ignited the Republican base like no other candidate.

That is the sad legacy of Donald Trump. There are so many Republicans, and other Americans, who are so full of hate that they can't see the writing on the wall. They are true losers.

Let freedom ring.

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