Monday, February 29, 2016

America getting Trumped

The question before us is simple enough:

Does this country deserve a President Trump?

The short answer is yes and no.

The Donald gives voice to the racists and fascists among us.

These folks claim that The Donald, The Blowhard, is saying things that need to be said.

Uh, no. They don't need to be said.

Trump has managed to offend veterans, women, Muslims, Mexicans, minimum wage workers and the dwindling number of rational Republicans.

But, Trump does represent the part of America that hates the non-white and non-Christian.

That America deserves a President Trump.

The rest of the country does not.

Republicans, so far, prefer Trump's bully brand of "leadership" where personal insults and threats of violence are acceptable.

Trump is the "hair"-apparent of the Republican brand from Nixon to Reagan to the Bushes that embraces racists in their "big tent." Trump wouldn't even turn away the support of the KKK on national television.

The Donald's plan, to build a wall on the Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it, is as laughable as his comb-over hairstyle.

Nixon devised the "southern strategy" after President Johnson signed civil rights legislation. But, it took Reagan's winsome personality to turn the racist South from Democrat to Republican.

It worked well because the country was mostly white 30 years ago.

Today, it is not.

Trump, though, also represents the relatively new Republican values of multiple marriages and bankruptcies. Failure is their new badge of courage.

Trump is a "reality-TV" star. Yet, he also likes to run a beauty pageant. And he tweets regularly.

He even re-tweets statements made by Mussolini. Obviously, anyone who is such a twit is unfit to be president.

Yet, Trump does have a reasonable chance of getting 45 percent of the national vote next November.

Of course, if Hillary has 55 percent of the vote, it will be considered a complete blowout victory for her.

Trump will then brag that he alone elected the first female president in our history.

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