Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trumped, unfortunately

If he loses, Trump could always be in the next 'Batman' film
Just when it looked like Oregon on May 17 could make Donald Trump the Republican nominee for president, Indiana trumped us.

And, just because Ted Cruz lost badly to Trump on Tuesday, everyone expected him to name his cabinet today.

Afterall,  he picked Carly Fiorina as his running mate following a string of losses last week. Instead, he throws in the towel.

Finally, just when we thought we knew how to pronounce John Kasich's last name, he quits too.

How disappointing. The Republican clown car now has only one occupant.

But, oh, that Trump isn't just you're basic Bozo.

He brings a whole new level of absurdity to the political process.

He provoked giggles all over the country when he tried to tie Ted Cruz's dad to the JFK assassination. Hey, it was in the National Enquirer, Trump said.

Trump is legendary for his re-tweets of offensive material causing tweetstorms.

It's all so ludicrous that I'm actually warming to the remote possibility that Trump could win the presidency. He would be so unpredictable, ridiculous and crude that it would entertaining, in a perverse way.

Of course, he could be the first president that gets us into a war through twitter.

Or, he could "make America great again" by just declaring bankruptcy for the country. It worked numerous times for Trump before.

Trump could tire of his third wife while in office and pick up a fourth one from another eastern European country.

The big question now, though, is who will be his running mate.

Since he goes against the grain time and time again with apparent success, Trump should pick Vladimir Putin. They appear to have a bromance brewing. Yes, it's absurd, but Republicans seem to love Putin, too.

Trump is an embarrassment to many in the Republican party, but they voted for him and now they're stuck with him.

Let's hope the whole country isn't stuck with this fool.

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