Monday, August 22, 2016

America suffering from Trumpitis

Rumor has it that Donald Trump, upset that he didn't dominate the news cycles during the Olympics, is hiring Ryan Lochte as a media consultant.

In The Donald's rare case, it couldn't hurt.

Nothing else seems to help him.

Not that he would want any help anyway.

This election season, Trump will unite Americans the way he's united the Republican Party.

Scores of Republicans, including two ex-presidents, have said Trump is unfit to serve as POTUS.

Many prominent Republicans have endorsed Hillary Clinton.

The Wall Street Journal urged Trump to drop out of the race by Labor Day if he can't clean up his act.

The WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News. If Trump can't win over that crowd, who can he win over?

Well, we know: white supremacists. They seem to love The Donald.

But, Don the Con will win over other groups as well.

In spite of Trump's attacks on John McCain's war record including his 5-plus years as a POW, or his rants against a Muslim-American couple who lost their son serving this country in combat, or his thoughtless comment about always wanting a Purple Heart but evaded serving in Vietnam, Trump will easily win the vote of the vast majority of the Armed Forces.

Also, newspapers that now write editorials slamming Trump, will endorse him before the election. Of course, newspaper endorsements mean little these days.

Evangelicals, who claim to look for Christian purity in a candidate and know Trump is hardly Christian in his words or actions, will flock to him on Election Day.

Why would these folks back Trump? They suffer from Trumpitis, an affliction caused by an irrational hatred of Hillary Clinton or any Democrat.

But, Trumpitis touches many more Americans.

In fact, millions secretly support The Donald because they not only hate Hillary, but also detest blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and gays.

The Donald represents the racists, bigots and sexists among us. Sadly, that number is almost half the electorate, including friends, family and co-workers.

Quite an indictment of this land of immigrants. It makes us a lot less "exceptional" and more like other troubled areas of the world.

And, tweeting won't solve the problem.

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