Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why I didn't watch the debate

For once, Hillary's hair attracted less criticism
than her counterpart's coif
I skipped the most-watched presidential debate in history because it was another reality TV show designed for ratings and nothing else.

Plus, how could anyone watch or listen to Donald Trump for more than a couple of minutes. He's the worst presidential candidate in my lifetime.

Well, the results are in and the debate was as popular as the Super Bowl, another event I usually avoid. The Super Bowl is known more for its ads and halftime entertainment than the game itself.

This debate didn't have ads and had to get by with just one moderator.

Still, it was "the most tweeted debate in history."

Such a milestone.

I spent the time walking around the neighborhood on a beautiful, unseasonably warm evening in Bend. In an hour of roaming, I saw just three other people out for strolls. Only a couple of cars passed by. Evidently, everyone else was watching the debate.

Yet, I came across a group of deer munching on plants in someone's front yard the way they do in mine. Across the street from them were a couple of fawns nibbling at some other neighbor's greenery.

The debate was good for the mule deer. They could eat in peace without being bothered by folks walking their dogs.

The setting sun lit up the fall foliage from yellowing aspens to red maples. All in all, a pleasant evening.

I got home with about a half hour left in the debate, but I lounged in the zero-gravity chair on the front porch until the contest was over. At summer's end, I realized I spent too little time savoring the moments of idleness in such a comfortable setting surrounded by ponderosa pines.

Then, I went inside and watched snippets of the post-debate analysis on CNN, Fox and MSNBC.

It wasn't that enlightening but I did giggle over the fact that The Donald was reduced to citing Sean Hannity on the Iraq War and that he had to trash Rosie O'Donnell again. Then, he complained about a winner at one of his beauty pageants because she gained so much weight.

I'd say The Donald didn't disappoint. I'm sure he was satisfied because he got to be on TV again and be watched by more than 80 million people.

On MSNBC, I laughed at the guys holding up puppets behind the commentators. It seemed a fitting end to a debate night where everyone thought their candidate won.

I know I won. The walk was worth it.

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