Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump an illegitimate president

The Twilight Zone was never this scary
And, Donald J. Trump deserves zero respect.

First, he lost the election by nearly 3 million votes.

Second, he publicly asked the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton's account and the Russians complied.

In fact, it appears that Trump's collusion with Russians is quite deep.

When Trump stiffed American banks over his failed ventures, he turned to Russia for money.

We now know that the Russians have compromising video and audio of Trump and can blackmail him in to doing what the Russians, or Vladimir Putin, want. It appears to be working since Trump says he'll probably end sanctions against Russia while weakening the NATO alliance.

Third, he has no moral compass. He has been married three times and openly cheated, and still cheats, on all of his wives. He's an admitted sexual predator and likely raped a 13 year old girl. Plus, the dossier reveals the sordid, depraved world that Trump travels in.

Fourth, his political career is based on the racist birther claim that President Obama wasn't born in America and therefore was an illegitimate president.

Fifth, his tweets could start World War III.

Sixth, if he can't handle Alec Baldwin or Meryl Streep, he has no business being president.

Seventh, Trump frequently spreads fake news.

Eighth, he doesn't pay federal taxes. If the president doesn't pay taxes, why should anyone else?

Ninth, with his deplorable rhetoric about Mexicans, Muslims, China and now our allies, he's obliterating what's left of "American exceptionalism."

Tenth, his cabinet picks are tasked with destroying the departments they're in charge of.

Eleventh, his numerous conflicts of interest over his business "empire" make him impeachable on day one. As Stephen Colbert says, removing Trump's name off of his buildings and putting his sons' name up there doesn't really solve the problems.

Twelfth, what's with the fake hair?

On the positive side, Trump makes it easier than ever to not listen to or watch the news. He is so repulsive in sight and sound that my time is no longer wasted on the radio or TV news.

Also, since he's picking a fight with the CIA, FBI and NSA, he'll get his comeuppance sooner than we realize.

The real downside to a Trump presidency is that anything goes. He has no sense of decency. If he can say and do anything with impunity, there isn't much hope for this country. Sad.

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