Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trump takes hypocrisy to new lows

Making golf great again?
Donald Trump made his mark by trashing President Obama six ways to Sunday.

Yes, President did golf on occasion. His first outing came four months after first setting foot in the White House.

Well, Trump has hit the links six times in his first month.

Trump and other Republican mouthpieces whined and whined about how much President Obama was wasting taxpayer dollars by traveling to Hawaii and elsewhere.

Well, Trump has spent more tax dollars in a month than President Obama did in a year.

Trump's three trips to his winter White House in Florida have cost $10 million so far. President Obama spent an estimated $90 million in eight years. 

Trump will break that bank by October, long before his first year in office is over.

Also, keeping Melania holed up in New York is costing taxpayers up to a $1 million per day.

Or, consider how taxpayers are footing the bill for Trump's kids' business trips around the globe.

And, finally, candidate Trump railed against President Obama's use of executive orders. Check out this video.

Of course, none of this troubles Trump's supporters who are even more hypocritical than he is.

National debt? Who cares, they now say.

What's next?

Has anyone seen Trump's birth certificate?

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