Thursday, January 21, 2010

The United Corporation of America

Many Americans believe that “special interests” –- from insurance companies to oil conglomerates to pharmaceutical giants -- control the legislative process in this country. The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision today allowing corporations to “spend freely” on presidential and congressional candidates unmasks our government. It is merely a corporate board.

The high court ruled that corporations can and should run America. Joining the American flag pin on most politicians suits will be logos for various corporations. And there were some who thought that NASCAR drivers’ jumpsuits were cluttered.

On one hand, we’ll know who owns whom on Capitol Hill. The buying of politicians will be more transparent. While corporations still can’t contribute directly to campaigns, they can run ads until the cows come home in favor of candidates who do their bidding.

In an understatement, dissenting Justice John Paul Stevens wrote, “The court’s ruling threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions around the nation.”

“Threatens to undermine?”

How about obliterate what was ever left of those institutions.

More and more Americans are disgusted with the two major political parties. That is why the ranks of independent voters are growing so rapidly. Today’s ruling will intensify this trend. Fewer Democrats and Republicans will be deciding in primaries who independents will elect in the general elections. The extreme elements of either party will be well represented.

The idea that corporations are now on equal footing with unions is preposterous. Unions represent less than 10 percent of the work force and their numbers are shrinking too. Union and corporate influence are not equal, not even close. Corporations run America. Period. Today's ruling makes this loud and clear.

Remember the slogan? What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.

And where is General Motors now? It’s where this country is headed.

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