Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bizarre Bend story goes national - puzzles readers

For those who don't watch Fox News or tabloid TV shows, you probably missed this crazy tale of a former liquor control worker for the state based in Bend. The bars and restaurants hated "Jason Evers" for his bogus reports on violations of state liquor laws.

Turns out "Evers" was actually Doitchin Krasev, a Bulgarian, who came to live with an American diplomat and his wife in the early 1990s. He stole the name of Jason Evers who was murdered as a 3-year-old in Ohio in 1982, bringing renewed pain to that family.

Anyway, this AP story goes into more depth, but readers on the Huffington Post were not impressed:

"Thank G)D this wasn't printed on paper. It would have been a total waste of a tree."

"Either something is missing or this story is mysteriously irrelevant."

"What exactly did this guy do, and why is it news?"

"So he changed his identity illegally a bunch of times and lived in secrecy? So what?"

The story was interesting to some people in Oregon and Ohio, but beyond that, it's a head-scratcher for most people, evidently.

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