Monday, June 21, 2010

Tax increases draw business to Oregon

When Oregonians overwhelmingly passed two tax measures last January, the conventional wisdom of a handful of newspaper editors said that this would be the end of Oregon. Businesses would flee the state to lower taxed states such as Idaho.

Well, check out this story from Portland's daily paper about how IBM expects to add 600 jobs to its newly-acquired company in Beaverton.

Of course, the anti-government crowd will say that 600 jobs is insignificant and far more than that will be lost to the state. In the absence of any proof that companies are fleeing Oregon for Idaho or any other state because of the tax measures, let's just say that companies are in awe of Oregon because it believes in itself enough to tax itself.

Oregon believes in education. It believes in health care for all. It believes in representative government. It believes in everyone paying their fair share.

Good job, Oregon. The jobs are coming.

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