Monday, August 23, 2010

Is God a Muslim?

Who knows?

But, what is clear is that a growing number of Americans, my relatives included, believes President Obama is a Muslim.

Here is a link to a story showing how Americans, mainly Republicans, believe Obama is a Muslim, which, in their minds, means he is a terrorist, or worse, a socialist.

This poll was conducted before the uproar over the proposed Muslim center in lower Manhattan gained full jihad status.

Can you imagine what the percentage would be now of those who believe Obama is a Muslim? It could well be a third of all Americans.

Now, not to beat a dead camel, but WTF!

I'm no fan of Islam or any other religion that relegates women to second-class status, or worse.

But, what all this Islamophobia or Obamaphobia, if indeed they are separate but equal, means is that the groundwork is being laid to assassinate Obama.

Fox News and the denizens of hate radio are fomenting such hatred of Obama that an assassination of Obama would seem patriotic and entirely reasonable.

This is how low our country has fallen during this Great Recession.

And, if the mid-term elections don't deliver to Republicans what they expect them to, than Obama's life, and that of his family, are in jeopardy.

It's not entirely unexpected. Read this link from the New Yorker for some insight.

Or, read this link about the ties between Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, and the "terror-mosque" funder.

The last time we had a president whose religion was a major issue was 1960, when JFK was elected. And, we all know what happened to him in 1963.

I'm sure that Republicans are smart enough to wait to knock off Obama until after the midterms.

But, as with the election of 1964, it won't matter. Democrats will cruise in 2012.

And, it won't matter if God is a Muslim, a Christian, a Hindu or a Jew.