Friday, September 10, 2010

Battle Hymn of Christian kooks

Are we at that moment in history when the threat to burn 200 Korans in Florida becomes the 21st century equivalent of John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, which was a catalyst to starting our Civil War?

Likely not, but violence will be the result nonetheless.

While the so-called "Christian" pastor in Florida is seriously unhinged from reality, he does represent the unspoken beliefs of millions of Americans who hate Muslims and Islam.

Also, there are millions of Americans who believe that 9/11 was the start of the long war between Islam and Christianity.

Of course, the war is between the civilized world (regardless of religion) and Islamist terrorists.

Yes, Islam has dubious tenets, but, then again, so does Christianity and Judaism.

No religion controls the moral high ground. They've all got skeletons in their closets.

Let them stay there.

The last thing we need is to fight terrorism with any religious underpinning.

Terrorists need to be wiped out. We don't need to pray to Jesus for this to happen.

We need to rely on the minds and militaries of the civilized world to accomplish this.

We don't need creepy pastors needlessly taunting Muslims.

And we don't need so-called "Americans" nodding in agreement as this Florida fool endangers real Americans in foreign lands.

9/11 was a dreadful day. The ninth anniversary should be a time of reflection and commemoration for those who died then and who have died since while fighting terrorists.

For those who want to burn Korans, at least agree on how to spell the name of the Muslim holy book. Is it Koran or Quran?

And, when you've done that, go volunteer for duty in Afghanistan or Iraq. You'll find plenty of Korans or Qurans to burn.

Of course, you won't do that, because, deep down, you're just a coward.

Your truth isn't marching on, but rather falling down.

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