Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election: Teabaggers brewing trouble

Rand Paul, who won a Kentucky Senate seat, called his victory part of a "Tea Party tidal wave."

Make that a little back-splash in the bathtub by a pouting toddler.

The high-profile teabaggers in Nevada, Delaware, New York and elsewhere were all trounced.

The House, though, will have its fair share of teabaggers who could block John Boehner from becoming speaker. Michelle Bachmann, a complete wacko, may try for the post. Hope she gets it so that Americans can see the real face of the teabagging movement.

The diehard teabaggers have a wonderful platform: repeal health care reform, get rid of the minimum wage, privatize or eliminate social security, make English our official language and Christianity the official religion, wall off our borders and nuke Iran.

Is everybody happy now?

Well, the multi-millionaires - Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina and Linda McMahon - are not. They got fleeced at the polls.

Whitman, by wasting $140 million of her own stash on her ego, is a disgrace to the human race.

Imagine what $140 million could do for those truly in need. Despicable.

Same goes for Fiorina and McMahon.

Another multi-millionaire, Chris Dudley, is leading the race for governor of Oregon by 20,000 votes over Democrat John Kitzhaber. However, most of the remaining votes, about 19 percent, come from the most populous county, Multnomah, which is breaking for Kitzhaber by a 2-1 margin.

Hope the sensible folks of Portland save our state from the embarrassment of electing a former basketball bench warmer as governor.

Finally, Republican Dino Rossi appears to be a loser yet again, this time against Sen. Patty Murray (D) in Washington state. This will be his third statewide defeat.

Yo, Dino. Get a life, loser.

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