Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DSA! DSA! DSA! The mess that is Texas

Like most Americans, I pay no attention to candidate debates, particularly when the election is more than a year away.

But, the internet is abuzz with screeds, blogposts and tweets about the GOP debate last night in Florida, hosted by CNN and its irregular ally, the Tea Party Express.

Apparently, the teabagging audience cheered "yes" when Ron Paul was asked if a hypothetical uninsured man who goes into a coma should be left to die.

Here is a short story and video about the incident.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry claims he was "taken aback" by the audience reaction. He asserted that the GOP is the "party of life." 

Well, the audience apparently also applauded when it was noted that Perry has presided over more executions than any governor in modern times.

So much for life.

Or for the U.S.

It seems that all the presidential candidates last night wanted to dismantle the federal government

These Republicans aren't running for president of the United States of America, but rather the Divided States of America (DSA).

Perry, the presumed front-runner, has even encouraged secessionist talk in Texas.

You'd expect such high-minded conversations in the Lone Star State.

Below is list of the mess that Bush II brought to Washington and what Perry is proud to bring back to the nation's capital:

Texas Ranks #1 in population living below the poverty line ( 17.2 % ).

Worst environmental record in the United States

Ranks #1 in illiteracy

Ranks # 1 on the poorest gun regulations in the U.S. and highest per capita gun murder rates in the U.S.

Ranks #1 with the highest real estate taxes per $1,000 value of a home in the United States

Ranks #1 in the lowest high school graduation rate

Ranks #1 with the highest interest rates “pay day” companies can charge

Ranks # 1 in those making below minimum wage

Ranks 50th ( dead last ) in Teacher Pay

Ranks # 1 (26.5%) in those who lack health insurance

Ranks # 1 (20.3%) of children who lack health insurance

Ranks # 1 in the highest per capita executions in the world

Ranks # 50th in $ spent for Medicaid for the poor and children

Ranks 50th ( dead last ) in $ spent on its citizens

Ranks # 1 in the # of food insecure children.

Ranks 49th ( the 2nd lowest ) in Medicaid $ given to nursing homes

Ranks 2nd highest in teen births

Ranks #2 with the highest home insurance rates

Ranks #2 with the highest sales tax
Ranks 49th in $ funded for the mentally ill

Ranks #1 with the highest overall pollution rate

Ranks #1 in adults under correctional control

Ranks #1 in adults under probation

Things aren't all bad. Texas is using so much water "fracking" for natural gas that it didn't have enough water to fight the catastrophic fires down there. Hey, it was hot. Air conditioning was more important than homes.

Teabaggers love Perry for all of the above. He's their guy. Evidently, they want the country broken up so that states can do what they want.

By why run for president? Why not move to Libya. Now that's a place that could use a leader like Perry or any of the GOP candidates. 

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