Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A toast to our health

Actually, we may need two glasses of red wine to cope with yet another big increase to our health insurance premiums.

Add another toast to the Supreme Court, which may rule on Obamneycare before the election next year.

It's comforting to know that health insurers jacked up rates this year in anticipation that more people might start going to the doctor again, once the economy improves.

Of course, according to this New York Times article, "Many businesses cite the high cost of coverage as a factor in their decision not to hire."

We have a slight disconnect here. People aren't going to the doctor because they don't have a job and no health insurance. So, insurance conglomerates raise their rates even higher. It's their interpretation of supply and demand.

Apparently, it's much better for our money to go to insurance companies rather than our bank accounts. I mean, they really know how to spend money. Who do you think goes to all those fancy resorts every year for conventions? If insurance companies don't spend our money, who will?

There are some who blame Obamneycare because next year insurance companies will have to justify any rate increase above 10 percent. So, we'll all be better off when we only have rate increases of 9.9 percent a year.

Actually, health insurance rates have doubled in 10 years. Wages, though, have not.

The Kaiser Family Foundation study points out that in 2011 it costs $15,073 for family health insurance premiums. The Census Bureau notes that more than 7 million Americans don't even make $15,000 a year.

Not that any of this is a problem the Supreme Court can't fix.

When the High Court rules that Obamneycare is unconstitutional, there will be no health insurance mandate to worry about. Yes!

This will open the door to getting rid of mandated car and home insurance premiums.

With all the money we save by not having to pay so many outrageous premiums, we should have enough money to go see a doctor.

I'll drink to that.

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