Thursday, May 23, 2013

News media meltdown

Give me tax-exempt status or give me death!
News outlets are juggling so many Obama Administration "scandals" that they're getting hernias from all the heavy lifting.

From Benghazi to the IRS to reporters' phone records, the news media doesn't know where to start, or stop.

It's all so rich and complicated that it could only mean that President Obama orchestrated all this by himself from the Oval Office, according to Fox News.

Let's start with Benghazi, not that most Americans know where it is.

Check out this PPP survey with this telling statement: "One interesting thing about the voters who think Benghazi is the biggest political scandal in American history is that 39 percent of them don't actually know where it is."

The U.S. ambassador was murdered there along with three other Americans last September. According to Fox News, this is the most brutal assault on America in American history. Yes, worse than 9/11.

And, the Obama Administration blamed an anti-Islam video that inflamed Muslims in the Middle East. Then, it came out that it was "an act of terror," which, according to Fox News, is different than calling it a "terrorist attack."

Gee, how scandalous.

Republicans have pounced with various hearings that were full of heat, but no light. The GOP Benghazi obsession was meant to nip Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions in the bud.

Well, it ain't working.

The reasons why the Benghazi "scandal" doesn't get much traction with the American public are twofold:

1) The Benghazi "consulate" was actually a CIA base of operation. The CIA was in charge of security there, not the State Department. The CIA, with Gen. David Patraeus at the helm, failed miserably in its mission there. The Obama Administration can't really comment about Benghazi because it's all classified information.

2) Under the Bush Jr. Administration, there were 13 attacks on American embassies or consulates resulting in dozens of deaths. Where was the Fox News/GOP outrage then?

The IRS "scandal" seems onerous on the surface, but falls apart under scrutiny.

Evidently, the IRS targeted Tea Party groups and its members to prove they were "social welfare groups" for them to claim tax-exempt status.

First off, why are political organizations like the Tea Party even considered for tax-exempt status?

Also, there wasn't much outcry from Fox News/GOP when the IRS under Bush Jr.'s Administration targeted "liberal" groups like the NAACP and others.

As for seizing phone records of reporters, well, what do you expect?

Dick Cheney consolidated new, expansive powers for the office of the presidency after 9/11 and I predicted then that the GOP would not like these powers when a Democrat was in office. Hey, it's a "war on terror," remember?

Besides, if there is one group that engenders little sympathy, it's the press.

Yes, the press is beating its collective chest that if it weren't for them, there would be no IRS "scandal."

Uh, well, the story came to light when a question was planted at a public function where an IRS bureaucrat was speaking. Lot's of digging there, right? Not.

The press lost whatever credibility it had left when it donned tutus and waved pom-poms in the runup to the war in Iraq, the biggest foreign policy disaster in American history. Leave it to Stephen Colbert to tell the truth at the Correspondents' Dinner.

The media loves war because it drives ratings and readership. It doesn't really care what's good for this country or any country we invade.

Yes, there are multiple "scandals" enveloping the Obama Administration.

And, the public is yawning.

Polls show that the "scandals" haven't hurt President Obama's favorability numbers.

The public trusts President Obama more than it trusts the GOP and its media outlet, Fox News.

That's just the way it is.

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