Tuesday, May 21, 2013

School bond, 911 levy pass; fluoride goes down in PDX

Hard to argue with idiots
While the Bend building industry is toasting their latest $96 million haul from taxpayers in the form of a school bond, and while 911 gets a 5-year operating levy, the freakish voters in Portland overwhelmingly turned down fluoride treatment for their water.

Portland is a national punching bag yet again for acting like some backwater southern town.

This Slate story says it all: "What's the Matter with Portland?"

Or read this story on Gawker: "Quacks of All Political Persuasion fight Fluoridation in Portland."

It's a story that the Wall Street Journal loves because it confirms the editors' belief that leftist Portland is a mess.

Oregon children have some of the worst teeth in the nation thanks to a lack of fluoride in the drinking water.

Fluoride has been used for more than 50 years in much of the country without any ill health effects. It is completely safe.

Almost all dentists in the state believe the water should be fluoridated.

Fifty years ago, it was the John Birch Society that led the fight against fluoride by claiming it was Communist conspiracy to poison us.

Today, though, it is largely the extreme left wing, along with Alex Jones' fans, who believe that fluoride is bad. It's the same sort of folks who oppose vaccinations because they believe that shots cause autism.

Well, consider this vote on fluoride as a giant step backwards.

How embarrassing.

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