Monday, June 30, 2014

High court backs Sharia law, servitude

By voting 5-4 today in two cases against human and worker rights, the Supreme Court returns America back to sectarian and class warfare of the Dark Ages.

While the rulings may seem narrow in scope, one applies only to "closely-held corporations" and the other to home health-care workers, the effect will be broad and deep.

Since corporations are people, too, they can now deny health insurance coverage if it goes against the corporation's religion. Of course, the real religion of any self-respecting corporation is greed, but now they have free rein to discriminate against anyone based on whatever religion they choose.

Now, some dim-bulb Christians out there believe that this only applies to Christianity.

However, Islamic business owners can now enforce Sharia law and Scientology business owners can enforce their "religion"  on their employees and patrons. And, discrimination against homesexuals has just been sanctioned.

Isn't that special, as the Church Lady would say.

Of course, the Supreme Court is dominated by men as are almost all religions.

And religions, historically, have suppressed the rights, if not the dignity, of women.

The "deeply religious" owners of Hobby Lobby, which is expected to open a store in Bend this year, brought the suit against the Affordable Care Act.

But, Hobby Lobby invests in the companies that produce the contraceptives that Hobby Lobby supposedly objects to. Also, Hobby Lobby sells mostly junk made in China, which mandates abortion. Yes, like many "deeply religious" folks, they are hypocrites.

I urge everyone to boycott Hobby Lobby.

Religious rights should never, ever, ever, ever, ever trump human rights. Well, news for the high court, women are humans, too, and they should be allowed to decide what's best for them.

Some say that this ruling means we shouldn't depend on employers to provide health insurance. But, if we have Medicare for all Americans, corporations like Hobby Lobby will then refuse to pay taxes that support Medicare, based on this ruling today.

As for the anti-union ruling, the Supreme Court did not apply this decision to public-employee unions, but those challenges will come quickly.

The corporate war on workers is so successful that just over 11 percent of American workers belong to a union. Because of that victory, the middle class, which built American prosperity, is disappearing quickly.

And, since this case involved home-health care workers, who are predominantly women, this ruling was another attack against women. No wonder Republicans cheered both rulings.

As workers opt out of paying union dues, the unions themselves will die out.

When unions cease to exist, we can see the minimum wage eventually extended to all hourly workers.

This is the goal of corporate America. They're telling American workers that if you want those jobs we shipped to China, Vietnam or Mexico, then you have to be paid what they are paid.

With these rulings, it is obvious that we desperately need more female than male justices on the Supreme Court.

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