Friday, June 13, 2014

If you want to save Iraq, go save Iraq

Now that the predictable collapse in Iraq is occurring a little late and over budget, there is a call from the right to send someone else's son or daughter over there to clean up the mess o' potamia.

How thoughtful.

Thankfully, we have a leader who says America's options do not include sending troops over there again. It didn't go well the last time.

Of course, the only thing Americans care about, as the summer driving season heats up, is keeping the price at the pump from skyrocketing.

Well, it's rising and there is little we can do about it.

Except drive less or drive a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

Or, go electric.

The instability to the global economy caused by fanatical religious sects is the main reason we need to find another way to get from point A to point B and a more reliable way to heat or cool our homes.

We're not going to change the religious views of Sunnis or Shiites. Who would want to?

These groups are where Christendom was 500 years ago when Catholics were killing Protestants, along with Jews and Muslims.

The fact that the Muslims are divided and fighting amongst themselves is a relief to those who don't want them attacking us.

Someday, Muslims may unify to battle the western "infidels."

It's a fight they will not win.

Until then, if you want to save Iraq, then go over there and save Iraq. No one is stopping you.


  1. Yet at the same time Obama wants the US to have indefinite presence in Afghanistan. It's time to stop fighting Israel's wars.

  2. "Thankfully, we have a leader who says..."

    300 "advisors" to be "imbedded"... What the hell do you call that? Unfortunately, we have a leader who says one thing and does another. ALL OF THE TIME. He's an effing liar. Pathologically so.