Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's Apple time

Apple Watch, only $349, 
while supplies last next year
Now that Apple has introduced larger iPhones plus a new Apple Watch (no i, please), it's been fun reading some of the comments online.

Here are a few:

Does the new smart watch have an app for telling the time?

Is that an iPhone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Everyone willing to put a Google Glass on their head is sure to buy the iWatch.

It will be a big time-saver to have the watch broadcast my heartbeat to my friends. As it is, I have to call them every 5 minutes to give them this important information.

Today my Apple fanatic boyfriend told me he loved me more than Apple products...even the new iPhones. It must be true love!! He's willing to be in a relationship with an Android user.

Cargo pants; the trendiest iPhone accessory.

I was hoping for an iPad with phone inside so I could walk around with it on my shoulders like the old Boom Boxes. 

So disappointing, yet I will be making my way to the apple store to buy the new phone.

I actually have a phone that just makes phone calls.

the only thing i need to know about the new iPhone is if my dad is going to stop paying for our family plan at any point in the near future 

I am waiting for the Apple film camera and the Apple typewriter.

Did not someone do all this already?

When the news media becomes the finger puppets of giant corporations and the government, who can the people turn to for journalism?

isn't telling time sort of over, anyway?


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