Monday, September 8, 2014

Obama's economy better than Reagan's?

According to Forbes magazine, which is hardly a liberal rag, the U.S. economy under President Obama has outpaced the economy under President Reagan.

And, its really not that close.

At the same time in both presidencies, the job growth under Obama beats Reagan by a full year.

The stock market rose a whopping 190 percent under Reagan during his first 67 months in office.

Under Obama, the market is up 220 percent.

Call that a facial on all those Republican talking points about how to turn an economy around.

Again, which party is the party for business?

Of course, historically, the stock market has done better under Democratic presidents than under Republican administrations.

And, Forbes reported in 2012 that if you "Want a Better Economy? History Says Vote Democrat!"

It looks like Forbes was right then and is right now.

Who knew?

Apparently, "Obamacare" is not a drag on the economy, but rather a stimulant.

But, if voters want Republicans in office, look toward Kansas and the catastrophe unfolding there.

Thanks to ridiculous tax cuts, the Kansas budget relies more on those who do not have money rather than on those who do.  Small wonder that they now have a budget crisis.

Kansas' Gov. Sam Brownback tried to blame President Obama, but that backfired.

Thank god we're not in Kansas anymore.

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