Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ignorance rises again over measles vaccinations

Kindergarten vaccination exemption rates - CDC
When the left and right go so far in opposite directions on some issues, they end up meeting each other on the wrong side of reason.

This is what we have with vaccinations, particularly now with the measles outbreak that emanated from Disneyland. 

In 2000, we had measles eliminated in this country. Now, we have many Americans choosing ignorance over enlightenment; selfishness over community.

Liberal states like Oregon and Washington have shocking high rates of non-immunizations. Conservative states such as Idaho and Alaska have high rates, too. Colorado, a purple state, leads the nation in non-immunizations.

Some believe in the long-discredited link between immunizations and autism and opt out. Others do so for religious reasons. Some believe that the human body can take of itself. Others are wary of "big pharma."

Here's a link to an interactive map of Oregon that shows the rates of non-immunizations throughout the state. 

The data show that private schools, high income public schools and charter schools have higher rates of non-medical exemptions from vaccinations. Some rural, libertarian areas in southern Oregon also opt out at higher rates.

In Bend, schools to avoid include: Circle of Friends Preschool and Kindergarten (46 percent not vaccinated); Amity Creek Elementary School (34 percent) and Westside Village Magnet School at Kingston Elementary (30 percent).

On the right, we have numskulls like Sen. Rand Paul and Gov. Chris Christie who believe immunizations should be optional for parents of young children and they cast doubt on the efficacy of vaccinations.

This is what we get for our non-belief in science and our selective memory of the ravages of measles.

As President Obama said, the science is indisputable, vaccines that stem measles, mumps and rubella, not to mention polio and other horrible diseases, do work.

It wasn't that long ago when measles killed here and elsewhere in the western world. Here's a link to Roald Dahl's heartbreaking story on how measles hit his family in the early 1960s.

Evidently, what many have learned from history is that they've learned little from history.

Good grief.

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