Wednesday, November 9, 2016

May the farce be with you

With Donald Trump's victory Tuesday, Americans will find that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

Naturally, Karl Marx can be credited with that phrase.

We've had plenty of tragedy in our history, now comes the travesty.

For those who longed for the tragic days of George W. Bush, you now get to experience them anew, on steroids.

You want more wars, you got 'em.

You want a terrible economy, you got it.

You want to be known as a former great nation, you got it.

Much will be written about this election. It'll make no difference.

Americans wanted an unqualified, sexist and racist, white man to run this country.

And, that's what we'll get.

The rational world is appalled. Markets are tanking.

On Nov. 8, 2016, America no longer became a beacon of hope to the oppressed of the world.

With Trump in charge, we are now the oppressors.

The idea of "American Exceptionalism" is officially over.

We chose to make America worse again.

Of course, there will be no wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

The Canadians may consider a wall to keep Americans out of their country.

Health care will only be for the rich. Social Security will be privatized. Forget about Medicare or Medicaid.

Corporations will be rewarded even more when they send jobs overseas.

We can burn more coal until the cows come home.

Women will lose whatever gains they made in the last 50 years.

The angry, white man won.

God Bless America.

We'll need it.


  1. Turns out, it's you that lives in bazaaro world. Well, like I said, buckle up. Things are about to go from pretty damn bad to unimaginably horrific. I'd say the first move will be the fed raising rates next month. They may wait until Trump takes office but the fed will ramp up rates sometime in the near future. The stage is set, the rug is about to be yanked out from under the US and the EU. In the US they'll blame it on the conservatives and in the EU, they'll blame Brexit. The truth is, Presidents are selected, not elected. Economies are about to collapse, social unrest will spike, fan. All by design but the average dolt will not see it for what it is.

    False recovery - check
    DOW in the nose bleed seats - check
    Real Estate market ramped back up - check
    Bond market teetering - check
    $700 trillion in derivatives - check
    Pension funds on the ropes due to negative rates - check
    Job market in the tank - check
    Cultural Marxism the theme of the day - check

    Globalism/Global Governance/NWO has always been laughed at as some wild conspiracy theory. The truth is, this has been the plan for a long long time. Change like that requires slow and calculated movement on the part of the wolves or the sheep get wise. Cognitive dissonance and the normalcy bias allow this to go unnoticed as long as the movement is slow. The whole boiling frog thing. The brain was mapped out long ago. What makes people tick is not a secret. If you're still struggling with the idea that this is not all part of a larger plan, take 17 minutes and watch this clip from decades past.

    So, we agree that things will get fuggly but what we don't agree on is the actual cause. In any case, buckle the fuck up. This show is about to enter the final act.

  2. Man, if people would get this fired up about the bullshit wars we wage, the world would be a better place. Why does nobody ever ask what are the refugees running from in the first place? Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. But we have to shut down I-5, I-84, and public transportation in PDX because the lady with some seriously fucked up ideas on foreign policy didn't get elected. No love for Qaddafi but find it a little ironic.

    I'm not even sure where to begin when it comes to the gay and lesbian community defending the Clinton Family. Actions speak louder than words.

    At least Jill Stein had the balls to speak out against regulatory capture. Proud to cast my vote for Jill. I was ready to see her give the acceptance speech while handcuffed to the bumper of a Caterpillar.

    You'd think people would wise up after the media played them for suckers but it's hard to see it, when you are it.

    How many civil wars happened while Clinton was at the State Department?

    Look at your young men fighting
    Look at your women crying
    Look at your young men dying
    The way they've always done before

    Look at the hate we're breeding
    Look at the fear we're feeding
    Look at the lives we're leading
    The way we've always done before

    My hands are tied
    The billions shift from side to side
    And the wars go on with brainwashed pride
    For the love of God and our human rights
    And all these things are swept aside
    By bloody hands time can't deny
    And are washed away by your genocide
    And history hides the lies of our civil wars

    D'you wear a black armband
    When they shot the man
    Who said "peace could last forever"
    And in my first memories
    They shot Kennedy
    I went numb when I learned to see
    So I never fell for Vietnam
    We got the wall of D.C. to remind us all
    That you can't trust freedom
    When it's not in your hands
    When everybody's fightin'
    For their promised land

    I don't need your civil war
    It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
    Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
    In a human grocery store
    Ain't that fresh
    I don't need your civil war
    Ow, oh no, no, no, no, no

    Look at the shoes you're filling
    Look at the blood we're spilling
    Look at the world we're killing
    The way we've always done before
    Look in the doubt we've wallowed
    Look at the leaders we've followed
    Look at the lies we've swallowed
    And I don't want to hear no more

    My hands are tied
    For all I've seen has changed my mind
    But still the wars go on as the years go by
    With no love of God or human rights
    'Cause all these dreams are swept aside
    By bloody hands of the hypnotized
    Who carry the cross of homicide
    And history bears the scars of our civil wars

    I don't need your civil war
    It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
    Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
    In a human grocery store
    Ain't that fresh
    I don't need your civil war
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
    I don't need your civil war
    I don't need your civil war
    Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
    In a human grocery store
    Ain't that fresh
    I don't need your civil war
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no uh-oh-uh, no uh-oh, uh no
    I don't need one more war