Monday, November 7, 2016

Trump: A man for no seasons

Separated at birth?
Donald J. Trump means a lot of things to a lot of people.

To most women, he is the ultimate "male chauvinist pig."

To our allies, he is the face of the "ugly American."

To most Latinos, he is one "bad hombre."

To most Muslims, he is the great recruiter for ISIS and al Qaeda.

To most Americans, he is a blowhard, fraud and egomaniac.

And yet, Trump could still win this thing tomorrow.

To some angry white men and, sadly, some angry white women, Trump is the Great White Hope raging against Mexicans, women, Muslims, immigrants, African-Americans, the disabled, and, incredibly, veterans.

To Vladimir Putin, Trump is a kindred spirit, a Mussolini.

To many Chinese, he is right about foreigners and building a wall. Afterall, the Chinese led the way with the Great Wall in a failed attempt to keep people out.

To dictators everywhere, Trump speaks their language of repression.

Trump is easily the most divisive candidate from a major party in American history. He's also the most unqualified candidate.

The hate that Trump has fomented will linger for years. He has managed to stir up the worst attributes among us, both here and abroad.

He not only has tarnished our democracy, he's also dug a grave for the Republican Party.

The only way he could Make America Great Again is by losing decisively on Nov. 8.

Here's hoping that the majority of Americans come to their senses and reject the fascism that Trump represents.

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  1. Poof, realism is a friend of mine. I voted for Jill but it was pretty clear this was going to happen. Appears to be a blowout of 295-305ish. Not trying to gloat, I couldn't vote for either. I'm tired but I'll write about why I suspected this would be how things went down.