Sunday, April 1, 2012

All hail the 'job creators!' April Fool's

Couple of articles worth noting that shed light of the richest 1 percent of Americans and all they do for our country.

The first is by Nicholas Kristof that links Wall Street financiers, including Goldman Sachs, with sex trafficking.

Evidently, sex trafficking is job creation to some 1 percenters.

The other is a long piece in Salon titled "How billionaires destroy democracy."

The article's subtitle is: "Wealthy Wall Streeters have rigged the economy and the government against the people."

 So, the next time you hear someone babble on about all the jobs these "heroic capitalists" create by having more money than you can ever imagine, just refer them to these two articles.

It won't change their minds, but, like the ads say, pass it on and help make this a better life.

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