Tuesday, April 3, 2012

GOP pushing 'social eugenics'

President Obama came out firing today at Republican budget plans for the government calling them "social Darwinism," and a "Trojan Horse" that will impose a "radical vision on our country."

I wouldn't disagree with the president's comments because the GOP budget transfers even more money from the poor, through deep cuts to healthcare and education, to the wealthiest, through huge tax cuts.

Naturally, Republicans claim President Obama is engaging in "class warfare" while they pillage the poor, sack the seniors and trample on the middle class.

Republican contempt for 99 percent of Americans can be read in their own words in this posting.

It was amusing, though, to see the president refer to Darwinism, implying survival of the fittest, because it does not resonate at all with Republicans since most of them don't believe in evolution by natural selection.

In fact, over the past few decades more Republicans, particularly the more educated ones, have a greater distrust of science than ever.

Go figure. There is no way the GOP can be the "education" party when it doesn't even believe one of the basic tenets of modern biology.

Anyway, Obama was being kind by invoking Darwin, who most Americans equate with the "monkey" theory of how we became who we are.

But, Republicans are actually promoting "social eugenics," to improve the genetic makeup of the rich by making life impossible for the poor.

Actually, conservatives just want the problems of the underprivileged to just go away. They want to do this by removing safety nets and financial incentives that would benefit the less fortunate.

And then, Republicans want to brand America as a "Christian nation."

How does increasing the military budget to further obscene levels while slashing taxes even more for the wealthy makes us worthy of being equated with Jesus Christ?

Well, it doesn't.

Republicans prefer class divisions where privileged white males can rub elbows with each other and not have to encounter African-Americans, Hispanics, gays and, even women.

It's an America that never really existed except in the fantasies of a breed of Americans that is slowly, but surely, dying away.

We can only hope.

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