Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not much difference between local GOP candidates

Except one.

And it's the only issue that Republican primary voters care about: abortion.

State Sen. Chris Telfer believes existing state abortion laws are fine, according to a report in the local daily about the recent debate between Telfer and her challenger Tim Knopp.

But, she's also quoted in the paper as saying "the choices of others 'may not be my choices.' "

That quote will likely cost her the primary election next month as the diehards will see her as a RINO, Republican in Name Only, instead of the party's real mascot: a big, fat elephant.

That's too bad because Knopp, a former state legislator, believes government should further intrude on people's lives and he supports all kinds of abortion restrictions that have already been rejected by voters and lawmakers.

So much for creating jobs, which Knopp says Telfer has failed to do.

It's a crazy argument because conservatives complain constantly that government can't do anything right and should leave all economic issues to the private sector and the hallowed "invisible hand of the market."

Except when the well-to-do want government handouts and bailouts.

When Republicans say they want to cut government spending, they mean they want less money going to the less fortunate and more money to flow to the well-heeled.

Knopp works for the local builders association/union and they're funding his counter-productive campaign.

Telfer, meanwhile, has been reasonably effective as any state senator in the minority party.

Yes, she voted for the long overdue hike in the gas tax, which is the only thing that has created jobs in  this area during the recession aside from school construction bond measures passed by voters.

Knopp is delusional in thinking that he could create a single job in Central Oregon.

Should he win the primary, which is more than probable, he'll easily win the general election in November because Republican voters enjoy as substantial lead in the district over registered Democrats.

And then, the economy, which is already on the upswing, will improve on its own and Knopp will take all the credit.

It's all garbage.

Telfer is no saint, but she is infinitely more qualified to represent Central Oregon than Knopp, who represents religious extremists and the very industries, such as buildiers and Realtors, that made the recession in the region much worse than it should have been.

It is much better to have Telfer in Salem than Knopp and I urge all  GOP voters to choose Telfer as the Republican candidate in the primary.

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