Tuesday, July 9, 2013

For doing business, Oregon ranks 17th, says CNBC

Not that these rankings mean much, but it is amazing that CNBC's annual ranking of states for business has Oregon ranked 17th.

This is a state with little military money streaming into it like some of the top states such as Virginia and Utah. Plus, we don't frack here like they do in CNBC's top states of the Dakotas and Texas.

In fact, we should have a voter initiative on the ballot to ban fracking within our borders.

CNBC's criteria for the rankings:

 Cost of Doing Business (450 points)
• Economy (375 points)
• Infrastructure (350 points)
 Workforce (300 points)
 Quality of Life (300 points)
 Technology & Innovation (300 points)
 Business Friendliness (200 points)
 Education (150 points)
 Cost of Living (50 points)
• Access to Capital (25 points)

We always hear the whining from business "leaders" that our overly generous public employee retirement system is costing us jobs. We hear the groaning over high taxes, yet Oregon doesn't really rate that high. It's 16th lowest on this list.

Meanwhile, California has the 4th highest tax burden and ranks 47th on CNBC's list. In Washington, the Evergreen state ranks 21st for business, and in taxes, it ranks 23rd.

Our neighbors to the north and south take in billions each year in military moolah, either for bases, or more importantly, for defense contracts. And, have less to show for it.

As for the Texas "miracle," CNBC notes that the Lone Star State "Texas has some of the highest electricity costs in the country, and office and retail rent is on the high side as well. Texas also suffers in our Quality of Life category, falling to 41st (tied with South Carolina) from 35th in the category last year. The state’s air and water quality rank poorly, and Texas leads the nation in residents without health insurance."

How shocking.

Another ranking on health outcomes, shows Deschutes (7th) and Crook (8th) counties doing well in this survey. Jefferson County, though, ranks 32nd out of our 36 counties.

All in all, Oregon isn't doing that badly when compared to other states. In fact, we're doing okay.

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