Friday, July 19, 2013

Post-racial America?

Amid the nationwide heat wave, while most Americans were busy trying to keep cool or be cool, President Obama apparently gave a speech on the Trayvon Martin travesty.

Like most citizens, I didn't know anything about it, but the media quickly pounced on Obama's "controversial" comments.

Really? How controversial? Well, here it is:

It seems like a heartfelt rumination on where we are as a country in terms of race relations and gun violence.

But, to the extreme commenters on the WSJ and Fox News websites, it is President Obama who is a racist and is guilty of fomenting racial tensions.


The comments are clearly a sign that we do not live in a "post-racial" America.

Far from it.

Here are some samples from the comment section after the WSJ story:

1) "Obama: Trayvon Martin 'Could Have Been Me'
(too bad, it wasn't)
2) One would expect the President to be the President of all Americans not just the black race's President. Then again his position is of no surprise.
3) Is Obama beginning a new war on whites, women, and Hispanics?

4) Nahhhh...Sorry Mr. President.....Not buying your race batting. ....he did not have your opportunities to scam the system...he was one of millions of disenfranchised black young men failed by the black community because you and other will not invest in the young black youth....yes Mr. President you are a racist and an opportunist you like thousands like you never waist a horrible tragedy to further your self serving addenda...I pray this destroys your fake facade with the Hispanic community

Or, these comments after the Fox News essay by Juan Williams:

1) Sorry Juan - the only people who are obsessed with skin color in this country, are black people.
Who brought up racism into the confrontation between Zimmerman and Treyvon? . . . Treyvon did by calling Zimmerman a "cracker". 
Black people are the ones that need to get over their skin color - everyone else already has.

2) Obama is admitting that he would call white people "Cracker" and he would jump a guy on the sidewalk of a neighborhood and Assault him.   Ok Obama.

3) Arrest all liberals, put them behind razor wire and then deport them.

4) Obama, the second Adolph.



  1. You're a typical, bend-the-truth to fit your own ridiculous argument, liberal wonk. Let's look at another point of view from Fox News (ooohh, big bad Fox News). This from Chris Wallace... probably the single most watched and trusted guy on the whole damned network... shall we?

  2. Classic, linking Fox News to argue the liberal point of view.

    Your masters are proud of both of you for still believing in the right/left paradigm.

    However tragic, there are far bigger stories that aren't being covered while the whole nation is distracted by Trayvon Martin.