Thursday, July 18, 2013

Off the rails and in the ditch

Here's a link to an essay that gets at the heart of what's the matter with the Grand Old Party.

The piece also points out why our country can't seem to advance progressive causes that most Americans believe in.

That said, the GOP continues to have a powerful hold on the levers of power.

Consider the recent brouhaha over the "nuclear option" of busting the filibuster that the GOP has used so effectively to thwart President Obama's agenda.

Naturally, since the GOP Senate leadership budged ever so slightly, the purists on "hate radio" claimed that Republicans were taken the woodshed and beaten senseless.

In reality, the GOP continues to show how powerful it is by getting the Democrats to cave.

The most important fact is this: "Before President Obama took office, 20 executive-branch nominees were filibustered. Under the Obama administration, 16 have been filibustered."

Or how about this fact: "Former Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson faced one filibuster. Sen Harry Reid has faced more than 400."

In essence, the GOP has earned its racist stripes.

While both parties serve at the beck and call of major corporations, the GOP caters to southern whites and fundamentalists who hate gays, immigrants and women who want control over their bodies.

You would think that the GOP's "big tent" is now a mere lean-to, but gerrymandering has given Republicans enormous clout considering how its base is diminishing.

While the Democrats still try to work with Republicans, the GOP pounces.

Until the Democratic Party is willing to play hardball and bean the heads of the GOP, we won't see much change in this country.

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