Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Republicans: Political terrorists

On one hand, Republican lawmakers have history on their side in pushing the nation to the brink.

Two years ago, President Obama caved to GOP extortion over the debt ceiling and Republicans just assume he'll do so again.

On the other hand, President Obama warned Republicans that this was no way to govern this country and he wouldn't buckle again despite having a gun aimed at his head by Republicans.

Well, let's hope he doesn't cave.

Republicans failed to block the Affordable Care Act when it was passed and have failed dozens of times to repeal it since.

So, they would rather see the government stop functioning while letting the country default on its massive debt than see "Obamacare" succeed.

This is political terrorism, pure and simple.

Since Republicans do not hold the most power in Washington, they must compromise to govern at all.

But, with the Tea Party tail wagging the GOP dog, compromise, to them, is the dirtiest word in the English language.

So, when the weak don't have the power and do not want to work with the other side to forge common ground, they resort to hostage-taking.

The only policy that Republicans advance to do anything, from waging war to educating our students, is to cut taxes.

Well, thanks to this policy, which the Democrats have joined at times, we have a ridiculous national debt.

Of course, waging war while simultaneously cutting taxes, was not only counter-intuitive but also as destructive to our economic well-being as any war in this country could be.

If the Republicans want to rattle the world economy more than they did with the financial collapse of 2008, well, let them.

It worked so well for them.

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