Wednesday, October 2, 2013

University of Oregon almost a private school

Iconic logo will soon signify zero state support for UO
Word out of Eugene is that the state will only pay about 5 percent of the total cost to run the oldest "public" university in the state.

That 5 percent state funding is down from around 70 percent from 30 years ago.

So, in order to make up the difference, UO, like most colleges around the country, raises tuition and fees on an annual basis.

Oh, and Oregon accepts almost as many out-of-state students as in-state students because their tuition is about four times as much.

Like most states, Oregon has been in the grip of the "trickle-down" economics of the last 30-plus years, which says low taxes mean more opportunities for all.

Well, we know for sure that there are less opportunities for in-state students to attend one of its "public" universities after all that trickling down.

That is one of the goals of modern American economics: Reduce opportunities for the less fortunate while increasing them for the uber-rich.

It's essentially the opposite of what occurred in the 1950s, when high tax rates funded a society with far greater access to a college education than today. Okay, at least for poorer white folks.

Today, we have a national obsession with never-ending "education reform" so that our students can compete better in the new global economy.

So, naturally, cut funding annually for education and demand better results.

Hmmm. How come that rationale doesn't pertain to the military-industrial complex?

Speaking of spending, the state legislature today voted to slash the retirement accounts of public employees while also passing a tax "hike" that includes more tax cuts than increases.

At this rate, state funding for higher education should hit 0 percent in a couple of years.


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  1. You forgot to include the part about making it illegal for counties to ban GMO crops...both sides of the isle are guilty of all that.