Monday, September 30, 2013

Anti-government GOP gets its wish

The look of a loser
Apparently, 26 percent of Americans love that Republicans are shutting down the government over Obamacare.

The Teapublican wing of the GOP believes 26 percent is a mandate. Even House Speaker John Boehner claims this is what most Americans want.

Okay, another simple math lesson is warranted here. About one-quarter of Americans are tossing their teabags over this.

That leaves 74 percent of Americans who don't think its a great idea that Banana Republicans can shut the government down.

And over what?

 Making health care available to all Americans, with no insurance ban for pre-existing conditions or a cap on care?


This is the best ya got, Teapublicans?

You would think that Republicans would love to see the Affordable Care Act fail, but they don't want to even give it a chance to falter.

Obviously, they must fear that Obamacare will succeed and don't want it to.

Anyway, I predict that tomorrow, when the health exchanges go live around the country and as the government fails to govern, the sun will still rise, even if it's cloudy outside.

McDonalds will open for business, as will Walmart.

School will be in session at all levels and in every state.

Of course, as the federal government shuts down, the GOP will claim victory by throwing the baby out with the bath water.


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  1. While I don't agree that the Affordable Care Act will be successful, I don't think a shutdown will be good for any of us. They let a number of large corporations of the hook for the ACA, why not let the people have an option for the first year. Regardless, anyone cheering a shutdown doesn't understand how it impacts the poor and government workers. Real people with real lives being sent home on days when they need the work.

    As much as I hate the fact that we need to increase the debt ceiling, not doing it is worse. This is the new norm. We're broke and the only option is to borrow more to pay the bills that are due today. Extend and pretend is all we've got left. The dollar is toast, it's only a matter of time.

    This is political theater to the point that it appears to be planned. Should be interesting to watch what happens. We agree that this is not good but you're still falling for the good cop bad cop routine while both sides allow pension funds to be raided by Wall Street. The little people are being crushed and it's not on sided. Buckle Up kids, the velocity is picking up.