Friday, September 6, 2013

Hummel for DA; Conger for conga line

It was welcome news this week when John Hummel announced his candidacy for Deschutes County District Attorney.

Hummel, a lawyer with international experience in conflict resolution, was one of the best city councilors of the last 25 years. He would make a great D.A.

Of course, anyone would be a definite improvement over our current D.A., Patrick Flaherty.

Some D.A.s like to be in the public eye. Flaherty took that to a whole new level, when he defeated longtime D.A. Mike Dugan and became the news.

Instead of fighting crime, Flaherty fought with his staff, which led to lawsuits.

The state recently settled those lawsuits, but it did cost more than $700,000.

Obviously, Flaherty does not have the temperament to be district attorney.

Hummel definitely does.

Meanwhile, local state Rep. Jason Conger wants to jump to the big leagues and become one of Oregon's senators in Washington.

The chances of that happening are slim.

First off, no Republican in Oregon has won a statewide race since Gordon Smith won re-election to the Senate in 2002. That was the best showing by an Oregon Republican in the last 30 years.

Second, Conger is opposed to women's reproductive rights. His kids are home-schooled, yet he claims he's pro-public education. He is merely another anti-government Republican who wants to live off the government dime.

He has no interest in working with Democrats to reach consensus.

He'd rather serve anti-tax guru Grover Norquist than the people of Oregon.

Current Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley should coast to re-election given the likes of Conger as a possible opponent.

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