Wednesday, September 4, 2013

End times near?

Armageddon coming or just another war?
I forgot to mention in my previous post on Syria that all these troubles in the Middle East play right into the hands of the loony Armageddon army of biblical "scholars."

Here's a link to a story on how excited some of the "end times" prophets are about the Syrian civil war and the possibilities of a wider conflict.

Some Republican congressmen will be basing their decisions on whether or not the U.S. should bomb Syria by referencing the New Testament's Book of Revelation.


Here's a graph from the story:

"In Isaiah 17, the prophet explains that, in the run-up to Armageddon, 'Damascus is about to be removed from being a city, and will become a fallen ruin.' The implication is that it will be leveled by God on behalf of Israel as part of the last great struggle for mankind."


If that is so, it's "shocking" that World Net Daily, the venerable website of Christian kookiness and anti-President Obama hysteria, is absolutely giddy that most Americans do not want to get involved in Syria. However, Armageddon is supposed to bring about the second coming of Christ, which WND fully supports.

The reason why most Americans don't want to bomb Syria is because we remember Iraq and Afghanistan, two failed open-ended wars. We also have Middle East fatigue and wish it would all just go away. And, there are the racists out there who are against anything President Obama is for.

What's more informative about the conflict in Syria is the depletion of the Tigris-Euphrates basin aquifer coupled with drought brought about by climate change.

This story makes the connection between the civil war in Syria and drought in the region.

Of course, such rational discussions involve science which don't play well with the "end times" crowd.

But, it's a sign of things to come, there and here.

And, to think that the Book of Revelation didn't even mention it. Actually, it probably does, depending on how you read it.

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  1. So are the religious beliefs of end times any more delusional than your thoughts that this is all about fighting terrorism and spreading freedom/democracy?

    The middle east is about power/control and nothing else. Syria could very well be the tipping point for the petrodollar. We're willing to do anything to preserve the petrodollar and the dollar's reserve currency status. You don't find it absolutely disgusting that Kerry would state that the Arabs (SA & Qatar)would fund the attack on Syria if the US will do the dirty work? Are you OK with our troops being mercenaries for OPEC? This is all about NatGas Coop's rise to power and OPEC's decreasing relevancy. Peak oil theory is very real. Oil production is in decline, no doubt about it. We wouldn't be talking about shale, fracking, and drilling 5000 feet or more to get oil if we didn't have to. The easy oil is drying up. Natural Gas is going to become more and more relevant in the years to come and guess who's got more than they know what to do with...Russia and the other countries that border the Caspian Sea. Russia is NatGas Coop and there's a huge interest to break up their semi-monopoly in the natgas market. There are other facets but it all boils down to control of important assets and nothing else. We've dumped depleted uranium, white phosphorus, and other nastiness all over the middle east but somehow we care about the people of Syria?

    You're funny...keep smokin whatever it is that you're smokin. Obama is proud of you for carrying water the way you do. This is somehow different because the democrats are in power? Give me a break!

    I voted for Obama as well....

    I don't know if this will lead to WW3(some would say it started in 03) and I certainly don't follow along with biblical prophecy but I do know that global power is at a tipping point and things are going to get very interesting.

    We're going to do whatever it takes to preserve the petrodollar and the BRICS nations are going to try and level the playing field. This is not something I'm excited about but playing along with whatever the media and the right/left paradigm barfs up is to not understand what's really going on.