Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why Russia cares about Syria

Vlad 'the Mad' Putin
Other than having someone to buy their military hardware so they can act as a regional counterweight to America's support for Israel, Russia actually fears further chaos in the Middle East.

And, for good reason.

Next February, the Winter Olympics begin in a place called Sochi, a Russian "resort" town, about 1,120 miles from Damascus.

Not to mention that the Boston bombers hail from the troubled North Caucasus region, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Sochi.

That whole area is ready to explode in ethnic violence.

Think of Sochi as the next possible Sarajevo, where an assassination in 1914 led to World War I, the rise of communism and, ultimately, World War II and the Cold War, which included the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Or, Sochi could become the Sarajevo where the 1984 Winter Olympics were held. What followed was the Balkan civil war complete with genocide that later led to NATO's involvement in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Okay, option two is a tad better than option one.

Should the U.S. stir up the hornet's nest in Syria, there is no telling who will end up with the chemical weapons if Syria does not give them all over to the U.N.

If, in all the confusion from a U.S. attack, Islamic jihadists get some of Syria's chemical weapons, you can be sure they'll try to use them in Sochi.

Islamic extremists hate Russia as much as they do the U.S.

With a large U.S. Winter Olympic team competing in Sochi, the jihadists can kill two birds with one stone. Or, more likely, kill or injure thousands of athletes and spectators from the U.S., Russia and a hundred other nations.

It should be noted that few athletes from Islamic countries compete in the Summer Olympics. Even fewer qualify for the Winter Olympics.

So, the Islamic terrorists wouldn't be killing that many fellow Muslims.

The other problem, for all who descend upon Sochi, is the Russian response to any attempt to disrupt the games.

As we've seen recently in Moscow and Beslan, the Russians don't care if they kill a thousand innocent people as long as they kill a handful of terrorists.

So, it is a bit ironic that Russian President Putin, a thug of a man, comes across as a peacemaker when he would rather shoot first and ask questions later.

In any event, it's not going to end well, if it ends at all.

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  1. Wow, that's on par with your other delusional rants.

    So Syria is a counterweight to Israel? Israel can turn the middle east to glass in 20 minutes. I'd say Iran fills that role more than Syria.

    "As we've seen recently in Moscow and Beslan, the Russians don't care if they kill a thousand innocent people as long as they kill a handful of terrorists."

    and we don't do that?

    You've really swallowed the official narrative hook, line, and sinker.

    This is about Russia, natural gas, and OPEC decreasing relevance. SA and Qatar are willing to pay the bill if our military does the work. OPEC power is on the ropes, petrodollar is threatened.

    This is why we're doomed. The number of people who get how things work is very small compared to the number of people who spend all of their energy fighting the illusion that is the right/left paradigm, terrorists, good cop bad cop, the boogie man. It's all a distraction and they've got you in the herd with the rest of the cattle.