Thursday, September 19, 2013

Enriching the rich

News out of The Dalles, Ore., is that Google, the internet search behemoth and eyeglass entrepreneur of driverless cars, wants to expand its data centers in this near-treeless Columbia River town.

Naturally, a company scraping by, with its stock price selling for a mere $900 per share, needs a tax break to expand.

Of course, the city, the county and the state said, in unison, hallelujah.

For $7 million a year in tax breaks, Google will promise 10 new jobs.

Hopefully, Google will pay them enough so that they won't need food stamps to put food on the table.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives just voted to gut the food-stamp program by $40 billion over a decade.

Meanwhile, the richest Americans are the main ones benefiting from the recovery.


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  1. The recovery is a joke. There is no recovery for you and I, only for those who have access to free money from the FED or those who receive government funding for dirty deeds like google. This would not change if we had the GOP in the whitehouse, just more of the same. Obomber tells us how great the economy is recovering but then admits only the wealthy have benefited. Couple that with the idea that if the GOP doesn't allow the country to go deeper into debt, they risk destroying our economy. That's not a lie, we have to go deeper in debt to pay the bills that are due or we have serious issues. That in itself is a glaring admission to how bad things are. We have to pay off one credit card with another or we default...or is that default right there? If we applied sound accounting practices to the economy, we're broke. Our only option is to borrow more to pay what we owe today. This is why nobody wants our debt anymore. They're tired of being repaid with devalued currency. The FED is the buyer of last resort now and their balance sheet shows it. The beast has been bled, it's only a matter of time now. Market manipulations and government math provide a necessary smoke screen but eventually something is gonna give. Not today, not tomorrow but at some point in the next 10 years, shit will hit the fan. The globe is insolvent and we're headed for uncertain times. Those who have the hard assets and control of the energy will rise to the top. This is what the middle east issues are all about...not some phony war on terror. The war on terror kills more innocent people than acts of terrorism 1000 to 1...or worse. Our monkey brains want to belong so bad that we'll believe anything. Math and logic don't lie. When you break it all down, it should be obvious.