Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why we live here

With the radiant Cascade peaks to the west, Bend is home to some breathtaking views on this early March morning. The air is so clear here that you feel you can reach out and touch the mountains.

Coming off of one of our warmest Februarys ever, March came in like a lamb, but then, typically, it got windier, colder and a bit nastier. March already feels icier than the whole month of February, typically our coldest month of the year. The wind just seems to carom off the mountains, pick up that icy chill and zip right through your clothes. No wonder so many Oregonians head to warmer climes at spring break.

The skiing and snowboarding on Mt. Bachelor are great in March and this year is no exception. The snowpack is deep, the weather is cold enough for fresh powder and the lift lines are shorter.

Plus, wildlife are abundant. Mule deer munch on shrubs next door, while Canada geese float the Deschutes River and take over Drake Park. Also, saw a bald eagle the other day flying in a circle over the north end of town.

As I write this, two gray schools chase one another on the ponderosa tree outside my window. They then jump from a high branch onto our roof and the pursuit continues.

So goes a mid-March day in Bend, Oregon.

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