Friday, May 7, 2010

Business knows best

With Republicans controlling the federal government for much of the Aughties, they were able to do what they've always wanted: emasculate government oversight of business. The result was disaster after preventable disaster. Check out this piece.

After being warned of a pending attack, the Republican-controlled government let the market speak. The result: 9-11.

When Hurricane Katrina was wiping out New Orleans, government let the market for disaster play itself out.

By not bothering to rein in the crooks on Wall Street, we had the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression. Oh yeah, they did get Martha Stewart on that $50,000 she scored through an inside tip, but they didn't catch Bernie Madoff's $50 billion scam. The SEC knew what was happening in the financial markets, but the marketplace is a beautiful thing, it always corrects itself. Yeah, right.

Twenty-nine coal miners lost their lives last month because the mine's owner knew he could ignore federal regulators.

Now, we have the BP oil slick disaster that probably could have been prevented if their had been some federal oversight.

It'll take the Obama administration longer than 15 months to clean up the mess, not to mention two undeclared wars, left behind by the last administration.

Republicans run for government office by being anti-government. They say that government is inept and they get elected to prove that point.

What is amazing is that the GOP can convince Americans they care about them.

What a country.

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