Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's time to arm the terrorists

Republicans in Congress are concerned that the fight with the terrorists isn't fair. They want suspected terrorists to be able to buy firearms, including assault weapons. Check this story out.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a liberal Republican, urged the government to close a "terror gap," where suspected terrorists on no-fly lists would be barred from buying firearms.

But, he discovered that the "right to bear arms" is the most essential freedom Americans have. Of course, it's merely the 2nd Amendment, but, in time, it'll shoot its way to 1st.

Two GOP senators, Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Susan Collins of Maine, argued that if we allow the government to ban gun sales to suspected terrorists where will this slippery slope lead us. Could it mean that we couldn't sell handguns to the suicidal? Or that those who want to assassinate the president can't even get a hunting rifle to do so?

Naturally, Republicans have no problems suspending other constitutional rights for terror suspects arrested in this country, like habeas corpus, a legal principle that dates to 1215.

From the Huffington Post story: "Like many of his fellow Republicans, Graham assailed the administration for respecting the constitutional rights of suspected terrorists, suggesting instead that they should be treated like enemies on the battlefield."

And, like enemies on the battlefield, we should sell them assault weapons. Yeah, right.

Apparently, some Republicans believe the only constitutional right a terror suspect has, is the right to arm himself.

Please! There is no way we can ever win the "war on terror" if we are willing to sell them arms to kill us. Is it more important to help our firearm manufacturers meet their sales quotas than to protect Americans from terrorists?

Obviously, some Republicans and gun nuts fear our government more than they fear the terrorists.

Isn't that pathetic.

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