Monday, May 10, 2010

Deer in my back yard

I left the double gate open over the weekend after hauling some yard debris off to the dump.

Well, two deer, a young buck and a small doe wandered into our large fenced back yard. They nibbled on weeds while a neighbor's cat relaxed right next to them. Feeling content, the deer decided to lay down and rest for awhile.

After about an hour, they showed no signs of leaving when the rest of the herd, six more does, moseyed on in for a little afternoon snack. After munching away for about an hour they all decided to lay down throughout the yard.

We had never seen anything like this in our back yard before even though deer our common in our neighborhood. Meanwhile, a gray squirrel danced along our deck railing after jumping into the bird feeder and loading up. Neither the squirrel nor the deer paid any attention to each other.

Finally, another neighbor cranked up his lawnmower and this got the deer up and moving. They scampered to a corner of our lot, before they realized the only way out was the way they came in.

And so, one by one, they all wandered away after about four hours in our yard.

Just another day in Bend.

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